Our signature 8 week 10-Module Course Curriculum

    1. 2023 Content reWIRED Workbook

    1. Module 1 Video Lesson

    2. Content reWIRED 23 Module 1.pdf

    1. Module 2 Video Lesson

    2. Content reWIRED 23 Module 2.pdf

    1. Module 3 Video Lesson

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    1. Module 4 Video Lesson

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    2. Module 5 Video Lesson

About this course

  • $897.00
  • 34 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

How does Content reWIRED help ecommerce entrepreneurs to reach $10,000 months

Content reWIRED is your pathway to transforming your e-commerce venture into a lucrative online business. Here's how it empowers entrepreneurs to achieve consistent $10,000 months:

Mindset Transformation: Gain confidence and overcome limiting beliefs. Understand the psychology of success and cultivate a mindset geared towards abundance. Develop resilience, learn from failures, and stay motivated, even in the face of challenges.

Founders who love Content reWIRED struggled with the following:

  • Endless Hustle, Limited Results: Tired of putting in tireless efforts without seeing substantial results? Many entrepreneurs find themselves exhausted from the constant hustle, yet their online presence fails to convert effectively.

  • Marketing Burnout: Are you weary from trying every marketing trick in the book, only to be met with stagnating sales? The frustration of pouring energy into campaigns and seeing minimal returns can be draining and disheartening.

  • Financial Uncertainty: Feeling financially stretched without seeing the revenue to match your hard work? The constant worry about cash flow and sustainable income can weigh heavily on an entrepreneur's shoulders, hampering creativity and strategic thinking.

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